Spring is synonymous with new beginnings and a fresh start, a time of rebirth as it were.

The change of season causes dormant plants to start growing again.

It’s also the time to start packing away all the bulky winter baggage we don’t currently need anymore.

Spring-cleaning of the home requires that we roll up the sleeves and clean up the hard to reach dust.

As we dust away all the winter cobwebs from out the home, we also need to perform routine clean sweeps of our lives.

A new season is an opportunity to clean up and let go of whatever no longer serves you. This will help keep your life fresh and streamlined.



Why Spring-clean your life?


As the seasons change, so do the seasons of our lives.

If we aren’t updating as we go, we can become stuck in the past, or weighed down by the baggage of it.

To stay relevant, we need to sort through the contents of our lives, and tidy up things as we go.

Think of clearing the cache on your computer or deleting all the old files we no longer need.

As we let go of what we no longer need, we become lighter, and have extra energy and attention to give to what counts.

When we remove the deadwood from our lives, we can start to see what matters most, and give it the place it deserves.



What exactly is filing up the space of your life?


Spring-cleaning for me is a time to stop and reflect on exactly what is filling up the space of your life.

Ever found a random object in your home, that you have no clue how it got there, and what purpose it is serving if any?

I’m guessing there are parts of your life that are there only because you haven’t bothered to take them out. These parts, may in fact not be serving a useful purpose anymore.

If we don’t ‘clean’ out of the old, we can become so clogged up with past baggage, it’s hard to gain any forward momentum.

Spring-cleaning is an opportunity for transformation. We get clear out the old, to make space for the new.

You can be intentional about filling your life with what makes it worthwhile.

It’s a time to clear out the debris from the past and put current things in order. As well an invitation to start designing a future that aligns more with what you imagine.

As we are daily growing and evolving, our lives should be shifting and tweaking also.

When we stagnate or become stuck due to blockages, we lose some of our forward movement.

What worked last year, might not be exactly right for us again this year.

We are more comfortable when we are repeating what we already know. Yet this doesn’t mean that the familiar is best for us.

If we want to keep our lives fresh we need to be willing to change things up and step out of our comfort zones.


Declutter to find your centre


By reducing the unnecessary, and whittling away at what we don’t need, we arrive at the core of what is most important.

The things that we know without a shadow of doubt brings a resounding ‘yes’, and that resonate with us. The centre that connects us to the ‘why’ we do things in the first place.

As we get our lives to align with these more; we will move towards living the best version of our life.

For a time, I started to merely go through the motions of life,  without being intentional or decisive about anything.

I felt foggy so to speak. As I started to do away with what I knew I didn’t need, I found and became aware of what I did need, in a reverse order way.

The process of elimination may not be the most direct approach, but it does help us to arrive at our centre.


5 steps to Spring Clean your life


Here are 5 areas or steps to consider when planning a spring-clean of your life.

1. Priorities


What would you love to include in your life if you had extra time? More quality time with family, a class you always wanted to take, a place you always wanted to travel to?

We only have so many hours in the day. So it could be that you may need to do away with a lesser priority, to fit in a more important one.

The aim shouldn’t be merely to fit in as many things into our lives, but to fit in the right things. The things that will give us greatest fulfilment or return on the investment of our time.

To get your priorities arranged in a way that makes sense, you need to know which are most important.

As you gain clarity on what you value most, you will be able to order your priorities.

What can you cut off your schedule that you no longer find important or necessary? Are there items you can check off your to-do list, without even having to actually do them.

For example, the herb garden you never got around to starting. Or the scrapbook that’s half finished. If these no longer resonate, check them off the list, and move on.




2. Your personal style


How you show up for the world is important. Our outward image doesn’t count for everything, but we live in a society where it actually counts for a lot.

If you’re still wearing the same hairstyle you had since school, or have the same look, then it’s time for a change.

We are more comfortable and confident when we are looking at our best. Now I’m not talking about unrealistic glossy magazine type perfection.

But rather showing up in a way that makes you feel good and shows that you mean business with the world.

By making small changes to our appearance, we can move towards the best version of our self.

One day I want to be a motivational speaker. Now, although I’ve been practicing my public speaking techniques for some time, I’m not quite there yet.

When I’m getting ready in the morning, I can use that reference to determine how I’m going to show up. And if wearing my sweaty gym clothes is going to help me portray the correct image.

When you next go shopping, try on a new style, a different shape of sunglasses for example.

If you always choose practical and slimming black outfits, try on white instead. Think about how you can best reflect what you’re working towards.

Always make sure that clothes fit well, because clothes that are too tight are not flattering. Ditch outdated clothes, or clothes that are too small.

Toss any items in your closet that aren’t lining up with the image of what you’re wanting to portray.


3. Expectations


When I spring-cleaned my expectations of others, I took back control of my happiness.

When we hang our hopes of happiness, onto someone else to fulfil, we move the ability to meet that out of our own hands.

For a time in my life, I felt disappointed by how my life was turning out. I kept waiting for others to make me happy.

Role-players in my life weren’t quite performing as I wanted them to, and I’d slipped into a victim mentality.

Instead of taking initiative, I started to blame others and make excuses.

I finally acknowledged and accepted what I couldn’t control. Which is pretty much everyone and everything apart from myself. By doing so, I released myself from this expectation.

As I let go of the expectation that others must make me happy by living in a certain way, I liberated us both.

I started to take responsibility for my own happiness. This moved the ball back into my own court.

I also started to accept, that I will fail, and as long I’m trying, that’s Ok. I’m not perfect, but if I’m trying my best, that’s all I can do.

I stopped waiting for everything to work out exactly as I wanted, or people to act the way I imagined they should. And it freed me from relying on something out of my control to make me happy.


4. Smartphone time


Thanks to smartphones, we now have access to so very much, all the time, a few clicks away.

If we aren’t aware of what we allow in, we can overload our headspace with random clutter. Information that often doesn’t add much value.

Be disciplined with how much time we spend on scrolling social media. This will help us feel clearer and calmer.

Aim to counter phone usage, by unplugging from your phone. Set aside time in the day, when you take a breather from all device stimulation.

Take a walk in the park, or spend a few minutes watching the clouds or people pass by. Enjoy being in the present moment, and giving your mind a break.

Spending time in nature has a rejuvenating effect.

If your mind is feeling frazzled and all over the place, try and focus it again on what is important. Take a minute to say an affirmation or set an intention for the day, that will help you focus your thoughts again.

If you’re having an in-person conversation, put your phone down, and don’t check in. Give the person you are talking to your undivided attention.

Spring-clean your device by unsubscribing from feeds that no longer appeal to you. Take a break from friends on your social media feed, who are negative or draining.

Delete any unused apps and old downloads you no longer need on your device. Update your screen-saver and profile pictures.

Back up important information you don’t use daily to a Cloud-based storage space.


5. Detox to put the spring back in your step


A detox is about cutting out unhealthy foods or drink for a period of time. The body isn’t expending extra energy on digestion. The body can now focus on eliminating toxins, healing and restoring itself.

If you’re caught up in unhealthy patterns, try take a break from these or cut them out for good.

I love my morning coffee and after acquiring a decent coffee maker two years back, my habit has grown.

Recently I took a break from coffee, and when I re-introduced it, I had a new appreciation for coffee. I now drink 1 less cup a day also sometimes opt to replace the milk for a coconut-based alternative to mix it up.

The aim of a detox is to cut down on processed foods, or sugary foods and consume as many whole or raw foods as possible.

A 3-day juice cleanse is a manageable way to kick-start your system to detox. You can follow the juice cleanse with a further 4-day detox. During this time, you introduce whole foods to your diet, such as nuts and lightly-cooked veg.

If you eat healthy anyway, you may want to cut out your guilty pleasure, such as coffee, or wine for a week or so, or even a month.

Detox isn’t particularly fun at the time, but the health benefits are worth the effort.

After your detox is over, you can aim towards a more sustainable healthier diet. Start by cutting out one unhealthy habit at a time and replacing it with a healthier choice.



Get started


Please don’t miss the opportunity to do a life spring-clean this year. Even making the smallest change, could be a catalyst for greater improvements.

Set aside some time when you can note 3 areas you want to ‘spring-clean’. Writing down your goals is keys. Start with the most obvious areas that will give you some quick wins.

As you ditch what you no longer need, you can embrace the next season of your life. As you let go of the old, you have space to accommodate the new improved changes.

Right now is a great time to start afresh and begin working towards a future that serves you better.


What areas are you ready to spring-clean now? I’d love to know!

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